Today's cool stuff

First, imagine the tenth dimension. This is a very cool flash video about dimensions 1-10, and while it isn't the accepted way that string theorists think of the dimensions, it is still quite interesting and thought provoking. Link.

Monkeys are cool. Some chimps beat a bunch of college students in a memory test. I highly recomend that you watch the two videos in this article. The second one in particular blew me away. The chimp memorizes 10 numbers way faster than I could. Link.

A duck billed dinosaur was discovered with soft tissue in tact! This is huge and could change a lot about what people know about dinosaurs. Link.


Erik said...

I really enjoyed the 10 dimensions video. I haven't seen that before. Good find.

ThePeat said...

That hurt my brain.

And very tricky of God, there, to test our faith with the flesh.