Someone call the patent office

So I haven't been posting lately because I feel like I'm in the middle of my vacation summary, but I just don't feel like writing anymore about it. So I guess it's over.

Anyway. I had an idea today for a feature I would love to see in advanced cell phones.

GPS + Voice Recognition

Think of it. First, you mark places with custom labels such as home, work, the movie store, or any place. The location can be marked with multiple points and serves as a general area.

Then you can tell your phone something like this:
"Remind me when I leave work to call Jane" or "Remind me when I get home to clean the bathroom"

It would listen for the words you used to mark the locations, and key words like "when" and "leave" and it could just repeat the recording at the time the event occurs. "Remind me [when] I [leave] [work] to --> call Jane <--" When the GPS detects the phone has left "work" it buzzes and says "call Jane"

Of course you wouldn't even need GPS for some obvious things. I wish setting alarms was this easy:
"Remind me at 5pm tonight to go home!" or "Wake me up at 7 tomorrow morning"

These things are all quite possible with modern technology. For once I really hope someone steals my ideas.


Vacation Part 2: Bremen

From Germany we took the train to Bremen, Germany. It is one of the few cities in Northern Germany to not be heavily damaged during the war. Below is the train station, which I thought looked cool enough for a picture.

This building is (I think) what used to be the Rathaus or government center. It is right across from the church (two towers visible in the following picture) and in the middle of the famous town square. We ate lunch across from this building and the church. It seems like everyone eats lunch outside in Germany, which I really like with the weather we had. I never see this in Japan, especially in Tokyo. I once went to a beer garden in Shinjuku, but it was on the top of a building.

The building at the end of this street is the one in the picture above, and the two towers are the church. I love wide open streets with shops that aren't cluttered by cars. This is another great European tradition I wish I saw more of in Japan and America.

This windmill was visible from a bridge . There are paintings set up larger than a person that seem like they might still be in progress. Very pretty.

Window shopping for meat and cheese. The vast array of meats, cheeses and breads made me miss Germany before even getting off the plane. I found myself looking in bakeries all around where I lived only to leave each one empty handed and disheartened. I suppose it could be the water or humidity that prevent good bread from being made if it didn't last very long. At least I hope there's a good reason, because the bread here just doesn't cut it.

More to come!