Embarrassed to be American

Evangelical Christians in America are constantly reaching new lows. This video is so ridiculous that to any rational person it would be comedy if they didn't know its true intentions. For those who don't want to watch or aren't link-click happy like I am, it's about a letter written from a kid named Josh who is going to hell (after his death) to his Christian friend Zach. Zach didn't tell Josh about Jesus and because of that Josh is going to hell. It's meant to guilt trip Christians into telling everyone they ever meet about Jesus and to scare those who don't believe into the heaven-hell ultimatum. This kind of propaganda really makes me sick.

And a teacher in North Dakota had the audacity to show this video to her health class. It appears a Jewish student in the class has a parent or two in a law firm. Oops!

Choice comments on the video on GodTube:


Thanks, asshole. Try the capslock button. And what exactly is JUST about punishing one man for another's lack of action?

it scared me at first to watch it.....than i relized tht i need to reach out to my lost friendz

I'm sick beyond the ability to create a PG response.

Just in case any (both?) of my readers think that this kind of unapologetic mindless evangelicalism is a rare thing, I think I must remind you that you are living in a dream. Just because the big cities on the West coast seem to be relatively lacking in the crazy department, doesn't account for the rest of the population, particularly the South.

I can't recommend enough this documentary [trailer here]. I really think everyone should watch it as soon as possible. It will shock you how things really are in America. I mean the comical creationist museum, which depicts man and dinosaur living together, had 250,000 visitors in 5 months!

Sane people, no matter their religion, should be appalled at this state of affairs and lack of rationality.


Erik said...

This satire always brings a smile to my face when the topic of religions idiocy comes up.

Erik said...

That was supposed to be "religious idiocy" but it kinda works that way too if you add an apostrophe.

Michael said...

Awesome link

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