Ron Paul

It turns out I might be a republican after all. I just never had seen a real one before. In a perfect world this man would win the nomination, but I'm not going to hold my breath. If you are voting in the primaries take a look at Ron Paul. He's the only one with any new ideas and apparently the only one who reads history out of all the republican candidates. Limited government, non-intervention foreign policy, lower (zero) taxes, no IRS, no department of homeland security (yay!) ect ect.

He's extremely consistent (for those anti-flip-floppers) and has always voted against the war in Iraq and raising taxes.

He's the only republican candidate who is against the war (70% of the American public are now against the war ... what are the other 30 thinking?). He's the only one who seems to realize that it is our foreign policy that has caused the hatred toward our country. The other republicans take a cheap shot at that and accuse him of saying we caused 911, but if they'd take their heads out of their asses and listen, they'd understand that we caused the hatred, and the hatred caused the attacks. It's really frustrating to watch these debates sometimes, but at least he's doing well on the internet (so was Colbert, so a lot of good that does).

As Bill Maher said, it's unusual to hear this kind of logic from someone who is actually going to be president.

Check it out:

There are a lot of youtube videos of him. Enjoy.

EDIT: I was really tired last night when I wrote this and now I admit that I really haven't done a whole lot of research on RP. I'll look more into him and post again later. But I do stand by the fact that he is the coolest republican candidate.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit i had no idea who Ron Paul was for the longest time, I foolishly believed it was something local because of the campaign ads. I seriously gave up on my country after the last election but i'm gonna check this out and start educating myself again so I dont make embarrassing mistakes about the identities of presidential candidates.

Cheers - Kevin A

erik said...

This seems curious considering he didn't even make your top four when you used this tool that measures how well the candidates match your positions on the issues. Your top four were all democrats led by Kucinich who has also consistently voted against the war, the patriot act, etc. Maybe Kucinich would look better to you if he debated against idiots like Giuliani.