Daily Colbert

The Colbert Report is amazing.  It has gotten so good since the writer strike ended I've watched it online religiously.  The Daily Show kind of has some issues with John thinking he's funnier than he really is, but it's still worth watching.  Today's was very good.

The other day I was playing outside and a first grade girl came up to me.  I hadn't taught first grade so they didn't really know me yet, but they had seen me around.  She asked me if I had any sisters (in English) which was pretty unusual.  I answered and asked her if she had any.. she said she had one if fourth grade.  Then I let her jump up, as so many kids love to do, with me holding her hands so she jumps really high.  She jumped a few times and said "I love you!" haha.  It was cute.

Today I tried Japanese deodorant again.  Bad idea.  I was avoiding human contact all day out of embarrassment until I could get home and shower! >_<

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