In Japan...

  • The sun is red.
  • The moon is yellow.
  • The traffic light is blue.
  • People don't hand money to the cashier, they put it down on a tray for the cashier to pick up.
  • People don't make eye contact with strangers on the street, let alone say hello.
  • Slurping ramen isn't just polite, it is the only way to eat ramen.
  • Fruit is expensive and each one is perfect. No touching unless you're buying.
  • Cigarettes and beer are sold in vending machines.
  • Living with one's family until marriage, even past the age of thirty, is common. It also creates a lot of disposable income that boosts the market for gadgets and clothes.
  • Walking while eating is rude.
  • Fixed Do solfege is taught in schools and every child plays the recorder.

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