Exciting Weekend

It's been an exciting weekend from mother nature. Yesterday was one of the strongest Typhoons to hit Japan in decades and the strongest on record in July. It was supposed to hit Tokyo, but changed directions and went North East. 4 or 5 people are dead or missing.

Just 20 minutes ago I felt my first earthquake. It was level 6 in Niigata-ken, which is north west of here on the coast. In Tokyo it was level 3. I found myself just sitting here not quite knowing what to do. If it were more serious I could go under my table, but my first instinct was to see if it was on the news. I feel a bit sea sick.


Jennifer said...

I heard about your earthquake this morning on the news! What an adventurous weekend. Glad you're ok.

erik said...

We heard about the quake on the local news here too, but not about the typhoon. Thanks for posting so quickly so we didn't have to wonder.

Mom said...

I didn't hear the news yesterday, but it was on the front page of the Bee this morning. What a scary experience! I'm so glad you're ok and that you were able to post so quickly to let us know.