Random Stuff

Here are some random facts you probably didn't know (about me). I had one revelation recently that inspired this list, and as I began to compile it I forgot the original thought. Enjoy the randomness:

I love browsing stationary stores.

Recently I've been playing Starcraft (PC) and Final Fantasy XII (DS Lite) quite a bit.

I played soccer on Friday with my old coworkers in Fujimino. Actually it was what they call futtosaru (foot-sal?), which is a combination of indoor and outdoor soccer. It's outside on a small turf field. Each team has 6 people and there is a big net around the field to catch the ball.

I planted rice with my friends Sho and Panda out in the country side on Sunday, literally getting knee deep in Japanese culture. My arms are sunburt.

I know pi to 35 digits. I'm not really proud of this. I was bored in 8th grade and had a competition with my friend. He won.

My last phone bill was 150 dollars because I send about 5-10 emails a day.

One of my schools has 2 really cool male teachers and 5 beautiful female teachers.

I play piano almost everyday before I come home.

Two of my four schools don't let me speak any Japanese in front of the kids.

I never ironed a single thing in my life before coming to Japan.

I can say the 50 states in alphabetical order in 20 seconds. (I'm not proud of this one either)

I'm worse at dodge ball than 6th grade elementary school students.


ThePeat said...

I want a friend named Panda :'(

Mike said...

Panda is her nick name. She is Chinese and no one here can pronouce her real name.