Pollution in China

Amazing, terrifying, saddening pictures of polluted areas. English. Chinese.

Scientific America video on lead poisoning from metal producing plants.


Joe said...

This is so crazy. Some of these look like they are from an end of the world apocalypse movie..maybe 'The Road'

As saddening as these pictures are though, I have to wonder what kind of pictures we would see today coming out of the american industrial revolution. How much better/worse were we at that time?

Also, did you see these?

Michael said...

I agree that our industrial revolution must have been bad. The difference, though, is that they know fully know what they are doing and what the consequences are to a much greater extent than we did, and the scale of what they are doing and its impact on the planet is much much greater.

Yeah I saw those pics.. I love that kind of stuff. Yay for popurls.com