I am so pissed that this is not front page news on every news channel. How can she get away with so many lies in her FIRST speech as the VP pick? Most people will never hear about this crap because I bet FOX news won't even mention it, but CNN isn't much better with their casual way of laughing it off. "Oh yeah, we should probably fact check the other stuff she said.. la de da, oh well that's all the time we have.."

We are gonna lose this thing. Why? Because despite having great candidates the right will always have one advantage in America. They can say ANYTHING they want with no accountability. I will be happy when I see a Sarah Palin or McCain article in a major news source with the word "LIES" in the title. I should have to settle for nothing less.


Anonymous said...

Yep. As anyone that regularly reads factcheck.org knows, Republicans generally lie hell of a lot more than Democrats. But let's not get our underwear all twisted up over Palin's lies. McCain's have been far worse.

McCain's ads have been saying Obama is going to tax poor people, when actually the very opposite is true. ( http://www.factcheck.org/elections-2008/a_new_stitch_in_a_bad_pattern.html )

How's them apples? As usual, the "down-trodden hard-working blue collar" folk are going to believe MCCain the Republican and vote for him. And they wonder why they are always getting screwed over. Dumbasses.

Michael said...