3 Games to Buy

So I'm not nearly the gamer I once was, but I still appreciate a good game.  There are three games I will definitely buy in the next 5 years as they come out.  In chronological order:

Spore is by the Sim City people but is more like Sim Life.  It's a few games in one, apparently, starting with a single cell pack-man style game.  Eventually you get to the creature creation, which is the most interesting part for me.  In Spore, you can create just about any creature your heart desires within certain game balancing limitations.  The game engine helps you paint it, design it, and it figures out how it walks, attacks, dances, etc.  This is like legos on steroids.

One of the ambitions of Spore is to pack multiple genres into one game.  I find it hard to believe they will all be fun to play for long, but I'm sure some will.  I'm most looking forward to the tribal RTS style stage.

The creature creator is out now for 10 bucks.  Mines coming in the mail, so I'll post some creatures when I make them.  The game comes out in like 70 days.

This one is obvious to anyone who knows about me and knows about games.  I love real time strategy, and Starcraft 1 was the king of all RTS games.  SC2 is coming out around November.

Trailer (not gameplay):

Diablo, like Starcraft, is made by Blizzard.  They always release their games on PC and Mac at the same time, and their games are always super popular.  Diablo 3 was announced yesterday and the gameplay video looks downright amazing.  It's a dungeon crawling click-fest that is sure to be extremely addictive.  The other Diablo games largely owed their addictiveness to their massive re-playability.  The dungeons are randomly generated and each of the classes has a lot of variety in style choices.

For the really high quality videos go to the diablo 3 website.


Game Play:

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