I'm making a poster about California for my schools and have discovered some interesting things, some of which I knew and some I didn't.

California has the worlds oldest, biggest, and tallest trees:
  • Methuselah, an ancient Bristlecone Pine in the White Mountains, is about 4,838 years old.
  • General Sherman, a Giant Sequoia in the Sequoia National Park, is 1,487 cubic meters.
  • Hyperion, a Redwood in the Redwood National Park, is 115.55 meters tall.
California has the highest and lowest points in the contiguous US, and they are only 76 miles (123 km) apart.
Anything interesting you think I should include in the poster? I'm of course going to talk about Hollywood, Disneyland, and Silicon Valley. Anything else that would impress little kids?


ThePeat said...

um, cheese? 8th largest economy in the world (it was at one point, i think)... gold rush... donner party... I can't think of anything interesting, sorry :(

erik said...

It's almost the same size as Japan - just 8% larger.